FAQs :: Top 10 Questions Every Bride Asks

To start with allow me to share a video that was done by one of the wedding film companies that we usually work with. This was shot in a recent wedding we did together…they are some of the finest wedding film companies in Kenya today….

Film By Faimus Productions. Check out their website here.

In my 2 years since I decided to focus the core of my business on weddings, I get to meet & interact with many, many amazing brides. Usually during our 1st meetings most brides carry a notebook with a tonne of questions to ask me about their wedding day. I compiled a list of the top 10 questions I get asked by most brides during our 1st meet & greet. If your wedding is coming soon & you are thinking of hiring a professional photographer to document your day, here are a few tips to get you started off 🙂

1. In Kenya there are so many photographers – How can I be sure of finding the “perfect” one?

Yes, there are tonnes of photographers. It is important to 1st & foremost see any previous work done by the photographer. Ensure that you see a full wedding album not just a favorite selected portfolio. Take a look at his/her style of shooting. Are they able to capture candid moments, are they creative or just copy & paste?

Every photographer has their own style of shooting, it is imperative to ensure that their shooting style matches yours. Also meet the photographer & see whether they are fun & interesting to work with & whether you would love to have them cover the most important day of your life.


2. All photographers are qualified, aren’t they?

No, not at all. Photography is an art, so it is very difficult to quantify one’s qualification. The best judge is their final work output. Most of us including me; have no formal training in photography, but have invested endless hours in online research & tutorials & also with it many many hours of practice for us to hone & perfect our skill.

My best advice would be to judge one’s expertise & qualification from the work of the photographer.


3. Why do I need a professional photographer yet my friend has a great camera & has offered to shoot my wedding?

I get asked this question a whole lot especially by wedding committees. It is important to remember that other than your rings & video DVDs, your wedding photos will be the only other memory of your wedding day.

So, it is of utmost important not to compromise on your wedding photography. Invest your time & resource in getting the best photographer available, it will be a worthwhile investment.

I have seen often that a great photographer can make a simple wedding appear breath-taking through well captured & articulated imagery while a poor photographer can water down the most elegant wedding to make it look lackluster.


4. If i decide to use a professional photographer, how far in advance do you think I need to book?

Well, for me I am well booked about 8 months in advance. Truly, the best suppliers are sometimes booked 1-1.5 years in advance. I would advice you that once you have the date locked down then approach & reserve your desired photographer before it is too late, well….unless you planning on a Monday-Thursday kind of wedding.

Book as early as you can to ensure that you will have the photographer of your dreams to cover your big day.


5. How much should I budget for my wedding photography?

Well, this varies from photographer to photographer, but most professionals I know ( including me :-) ) charge from about 75,000 ~ 200,000 for wedding photography services.


6. Wedding photography seems so expensive. Why is this so?

Yes, it is. In America it is the most expensive item of the wedding budget. Photography to me is one of the most important elements of your wedding, since years down the line you will have an album lying on your coffee table to constantly remind you of your wedding. So, in the long run this will be one of the only memories of your big day.

Good wedding photography is costly but the price is so menial compared to the service it will render many many years down the line. The only memory I have of my late parents’ wedding day is a weather-worn album that I treasure so much. Is it a too high price to pay? I do not think so.


7. Is it cheaper to have an off-season or weekday weddings?

Well, that is relative, when it comes to photography, there is really no saving in price, as compared to convenience. Usually during peak months, photographers are often over-worked & fatigued so their creativity will be a tad low as compared to off-peak seasons e.g. Jan & July. Yes it is better to go for the off-peak months & also weekdays since then we are fresh, easily available & will most likely deliver way above the hectic & busy months.


8. Why should I have to pay up front?

Usually most photographers require that you pay 75% of the total price before the actual wedding day. For us, a lot of resource goes into the preparation before the wedding & also on the actual wedding day about 75% of the task is already done.

I would however advice you not to pay 100% upfront unless you have a previous working experience with the photographer. The rest of the 25% should be paid on delivery of the final work & after ensuring that all that was agreed upon has been met & delivered.

In my experience I have had a lot of difficulty with the final 25% of the payment since most couples have barely any money when they return from the honeymoon. My advice is that you set aside the full 100% of the photographer’s fee in a separate account & not to touch it so that you will have no push & pull once the wedding is done & you are up to your sleeve in debt.


9. Is signing a contract a good idea?

This is very very essential since a contract will list in detail the requirements for both you & the photographer & most especially the deliverables.  Thus in case of any mis-understanding or disagreement then the contract will be the deciding factor. Ensure that before you book a photographer you demand a copy of the contract & read through all the terms & conditions before penning your signature & paying a deposit.

Any photographer tendering to cover your wedding MUST provide you with a written contract.


10. How much time should we set aside for photography on our wedding day?

A lot of time….the more the better. I usually do 3 photo sessions in a day in an ordinary wedding.

1. Between the church & Reception. (1 Hr for actual shooting)
2. Sunset photos :: After the reception (6-7pm)
3. Last Look portraits :: In the honeymoon suite. (7:30-9pm)

Also we cover both the morning bride & groom preparations.

The more the time available for taking photos the better the photos you get.

J&A-31Hope you loved the post & it helped you in some itsy bitsy way….

God Bless You!